Babies and dogs are my most favorite things in the world. Sessions that include both pretty much make my heart swoon and so when I visited this family, I was so thrilled to see such a gorgeous home, happy people and of course, their dog Lu.

Lu was just like any other dog with maternal instincts, she was very protective of her children and stayed close during the photoshoot. I loved that because it gave us plenty of opportunities to document this family, including their fearless protector.

One of the most interesting things about lifestyle newborn photography is the fact that you don’t get to see your work area until the day of the session in most cases. With Teddy’s family, I requested images of the space that we would be using and at the time, they had only images of the space before their big remodel. So I had a good idea of what the area looked like, but without the fresh new look.

I loved the connection between these family members, one surprising fact is that I didn’t need to pose them in any way, I simply suggested where they should stand for the best lighting and to compensate for shadows.