Traveling Photography

I love to travel! & on the other side of things, many of my clients book me while they are vacationing in my area. Last winter, we had a large family session where the members of the family came from; Managua Nicaragua, Orange County California, Madrid Spain, Segovia Spain & Caribou Maine. As you could imagine, in my mind – this session had to be absolutely perfect because we really only had this one shot to get it right.

Whether you’re booking a session with me while you’re on vacation in my area, or you’re booking me for travel, here are some ways to streamline the process to help make for the perfect photography session!

  • When looking at the calendar, aim for the earliest date available to book your session – this makes it so that if anything happens and we need to reschedule, we can do so with flexibility. I also recommend choosing the earliest date because chances are, you or I will have a schedule packed with things that we normally would not do.. and unfortunately, this could lead to injuries or other scheduling restrictions.
  • Scout the location or a few in advance and feel free to ask me or provide videos of the location. Scouting at the projected picture time is ideal so that we can get a feel for what the lighting will be like.
  • As always – stay flexible. Flexibility is key with every photography session, even if it is in your own backyard. With traveling sessions, you may have unforeseen difficulties, with one of my sessions – the only bridge in and out of town was shut down due to an accident. Thankfully we arrived very early so that it didn’t impact our photo shoot.
  • Bring a back up outfit – Just in case! There have been many times where traveling with an outfit just doesn’t work out the way we had planned.
  • Arrive early and be ready to take pictures, as I mentioned above.. sometimes when you’re in an unfamiliar area, you might have trouble finding the location and you just don’t want to find yourself in a race with the sun.