Maine Sessions 8/22

With just one week away from my time in Maine, to say that I am excited is an understatement! I cannot wait to be back!

My phone number is 208-717-5026 (texting is the best way to reach me)

I am closely watching the weather, from my experience, it is best to take note of possible storms impacting photography sessions, however – staying flexible is key. Since we do have a little bit of rain forecasted for the weekend that we will be taking pictures, I may need to make some last minute changes to photo session times to work around the rain (if we have any.)

Please, make sure that you are checking your Facebook account throughout the day of your scheduled photography session. Yesterday you should have received an email with your appointment time, I know that on Facebook due to the timezone difference the time may be wrong. You should also receive an email to confirm your appointment.

Here is our schedule;

4:30PM – Jackson
5:00PM– Allen
5:30PM – Knox
6:00PM – Keaton
6:30PM – Beck

Our location will be at Nordic Heritage Center, I think that we should aim to park in the very front parking area near the entrance and the sign. See the image below, you’ll want to try and park in the highlighted area.