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Hi there, I’m Ally an Arizona wedding photographer servicing The Valley of the Sun. When I’m not taking photos, I am caring for my 7 children. Two of them are identical twins with albinism. I am from Southern California where I grew up with a great family near Los Angeles. My grandfather was a businessman, he taught me how to be a kind person to everyone – even when they are unkind to me. I believe in allowing people to choose how they would like to be remembered and that is where photography came into my life.

I began taking pictures professionally in 2011 when I took my daughter to a portrait studio, I felt that the experience didn’t capture any of who she was, so I set out to create a photography brand that helped to document people as they are, their authentic facial expressions, and the connections between people. During my time as a wedding photographer, I have met couples from East to West, couples of all kinds and I love how every wedding is different. Because of this, I have learned to work with indoor artificial lighting and natural light.

What helped me to grow most as a photographer was my own wedding. I married my highschool sweetheart 10 years after we had started dating, so our wedding is something that I had dreamed of for a very long time. Our photographer had a lot of experience, however she was overbooked and underpaid. This led to a serious problem with image processing, and she was unable to deliver our images. That particular experience was devastating, but it helped me to be the photographer that I am today. I took some time away from weddings and I learned about file handling, and how to avoid image loss, to prevent what happened to us – from happening to others.

Choosing your Arizona wedding photographer is one of the most important details of your wedding. It is the one part of your day that will last for generations to come. My goal is to document the day in a way that feels real every single time you look at your photos. I want you to remember the moments and feel like you’re re-living them, year after year. I would be honored to be your storyteller, and if you feel the same way – please use the form below to reach out.

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