I remember very few commercials, but I do remember the one with the parents pushing around shopping carts, filling them with school supplies while they sang “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” (the Christmas song haha) and then of course, the Alice Cooper “School’s out” commercials. This reminded me that school was one of the biggest things for me growing up.

But this year, school will be different for just about anyone. As a family, we have decided to home school for various reasons… I don’t like the idea of the virus or getting sick. I’m a major germ freak and so I just don’t really like the stress of my little ones being around so many people especially since I am able to stay home with them. I also don’t like the heavy use of chemicals to sanitize. Yes, germaphobes can be afraid of sanitizers too. I’m just more of a natural person.

I realized around mid-summer that the virus situation would not be going away, so I started looking into options for our children. It was then that it dawned on me that this was ultimately their decision. So after a conversation about masks and the chemicals involved with the sanitizing process, we decided to sit this year out, learn through play and adventures.

But, we still did some cute back to school mini sessions!