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Twin Falls Wedding Photographer 

Getting married is a magical experience, but if you have spent any time in Twin Falls, you will quickly see the potential in wedding location options outdoors. The over-abundance of year-round natural beauty here in the Gem state is unparalleled. One of the things that I found to be incredible about Idaho is that there are little restrictions in place as far as where you can get married, virutally any piece of public land is available without permits to host the perfect wedding ceremony and with that, we are very blessed.

Tips for Planning your Wedding by a Professional

Twin Falls Wedding Photographer

1) Time of day & lighting – If you are planning an outdoor wedding, aim for a ceremony time that takes place toward the end of the day. As a photographer, I can manipulate the lighting in the images, but I find it hard to help with squinting and harsh lines from shadows. Softer light such as that found in the early morning or end of day also helps with skin tones and helps everyone to look nice and glowy. If you choose to hire me, I can be as involved in the planning process as you wish and am open to helping with the entire process from location to attire, floral, schedule of events & anything else that involves the photography side of it – without charge. I also prefer to attend rehearsals that take place and seeing the venue in advance to make sure that I am familiar with the location.

2) Location – Falling in love all over again usually happens with your venue, if you are unable to choose a later start time for your ceremony, consider looking for a spot to hold the ceremony that has ample shade. Shade provides even lighting and refuge from the sun’s harsh rays which means.. no squinting!

3) Make a list of what is most important to you and play off of that when it comes to your budget and planning. Coordinate in order of what is most important to you and be prepared to make some slight adjustments, flexibility is key to planning a wedding in Twin Falls. If the most important thing to you as a couple is photography, find your photographer first, then plan the day around that, because at the end of the day – the number one thing that you will be taking from this experience is the photos. You won’t be able to keep the food forever or the venue so you might as well invest your money into what will bring the most joy years down the line.

4) A lot of the gorgeous pinterest wedding images are styled shoots – don’t let this set you up for disappointment. Photographers network with other creatives by participating or hosting styled shoots. This is where a mock wedding is set up with models and vendors for photo shoots. These are great opportunities for photographers to learn, but they are not realistic as far as the natural flow of a wedding day. I personally do not participate in styled shoots because I prefer to document authenticity with real couples.

5) Hire a day of coordinator or wedding planner – this will help your day go much smoother if the behind the scenes stresses are not on your shoulders. As a Twin Falls wedding photographer, I assume many roles with larger weddings and that sometimes takes away from my job, but when I am hired – I help out wherever I can.

(pssst… check out Twin Falls Wedding Planner – Cari is phenomenal to work with!)

About your Twin Falls Wedding Photographer

Choosing your Twin Falls wedding photographer can seem daunting. You’re trusting a person or two to document one of the most important, meaningful days of your life. In my case, hiring a wedding photographer didn’t work out as planned. We got married in Arizona, we had been together for about 10 years before we decided to get married, so like most people, it was a pretty big deal for us. I chose my photographer based off of several factors but ultimately, even though I was a professional, I chose a person who didn’t know enough about proper care of files. Her biggest mistake was deleting the images from her memory card before giving them to me. She ended up losing 100% of our wedding photos due to this small, avoidable error.

When our photos were lost, I decided to take a step back from weddings because I wanted to make sure that I grieved the loss of my own wedding photos and also, that as a professional, I learned from her mistakes. After reading many message boards and posts online, I found out that wedding photos are lost all the time, by professionals and beginners alike. That was shocking to me, but after I wrote a post about my situation, I received tons of messages from heartbroken brides who had the same thing happen to them. A lot of them were blocked by their photographers and weren’t even given a refund.

My promise is to always do the right thing and to make sure that I am documenting and handling your files properly. My goal is to create images that reach you emotionally, even years after your wedding has taken place. I’m all about the natural style, I love to document emotion, I love to freeze time that isn’t staged. If you do have some Pinterest ideas, I am definitely open to those as well, I think those are fun and break up the heavy and emotional images to create a full gallery.

Please take a look at our Twin Falls Wedding Photographer pricing. I am also available for travel, the cost of travel varies depending upon where the wedding is taking place and what the best method of travel is for that day. In the pricing, you’ll see “images per hour” this number is made up of how many images I’ve been able to produce per working hour in the past. I know that weddings can run late or there will be lulls in time where there isn’t anything to photograph, the number of images is based on per working hour.

As a Twin Falls wedding photographer, we are committed to bringing you the physical memories of the biggest day of your life. It is my ultimate goal to be sure that you are satisfied when choosing me to be your photographer. 


Coverage areas included in pricing include; Twin Falls, Burley, Rupert & Pocatello. Travel fees are associated with weddings 60+ miles from Burley Idaho including destinations in Idaho including Boise, Idaho Falls, Couer D’Alene, Jackpot Nevada, Salt Lake City, and more.

Twin Falls Wedding Photographer Packages

Small Weddings & Temple Exits

3 hours | 120+ images | print release

The 3 hour package includes; 3 hours of photography coverage on the day of your wedding. 2 weeks after your wedding day, you will receive an online gallery filled with high resolution hand curated images in color format that are tailored individually, and a print release letter. 


+tax = $636

Half Day Coverage

6 hours | 240+ pictures | consultation | usb drive

The 6 hour package includes; A pre-wedding consultation, 6 hours of photography coverage on the day of your wedding. 3 weeks after your wedding day, you will receive an online gallery filled with high resolution hand curated images that are in both color + black and white formats of which are tailored individually, a print release letter.


+tax = $1272

Full Day Coverage

9 hours | 2 photographers | free engagement session | usb drive

The 9 hour package includes; a complimentary engagement session prior to your wedding day. On the day of your wedding you will have 2 photographers & 9 hours of photography coverage. 2 weeks after your wedding day, you will receive an online gallery filled with high resolution hand curated images that are in both color + black and white formats of which are tailored individually, and a print release letter.


+tax = $1908