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Portrait Photography is a big part of what I do as an artist. Portraits can be taken in front of any type of background, indoor or outdoor. 

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In a world that seems like we are heading toward documenting each moment of our lives, I have noticed that portrait photography started to fall behind in terms of importance, when in fact.. portraits can be the most important type of photography there is. I was reminded how important this session type was when I lost a friend of mine, tragically and unexpectedly.

When a friend passed away, I realized that I had what the family needed at that time, and that was photos of their daughter. I quickly compiled the album of recent images that were taken and sent them over. To my surprise, those were the images that were used for her obituary, the funeral programs, and for the memory boards that were created when we celebrated her life. We also created 4×6 prints to give to each person that attnended the celebration so that they had something to hold to remind them of her life, their friendship and the imprint that she left on our hearts. I was thankful to have been able to provide recent and updated images to the family and friends.

Portraits are necessary for many reasons, most of the time I am hired to take portraits of those in business who are looking to put a face to a name. I’m not sure about you, but I like to see who I’m working with, especially if there isn’t much face-to-face interaction. It just helps me to humanize an interaction.

Portraits are taken with more of a professional look, these are the images that we share that focus on the person in the images instead of the entire setting. I have worked with many many, high school seniors, business owners, real estate agents, hair stylists, estheticians, pets and many others.

Portrait vs. Lifestyle Photography

Portrait Photography is based more around the person’s face and overall look. These are more of your headshot type of images where you’ll pose for various shots that focus mostly on you.

Lifestyle Photography focuses on a combination between the setting and the person. With lifestyle photography, you’ll see a mother snuggling her little one, a baker kneeding bread or a violinist creating beautiful music. The portrait version of this particular image would be the violinist holding her instrument at rest smiling into the camera.

Most of my sessions include a mixture of lifestyle imagery and portraits. With each of the session and wedding packages that I offer, I allocate a little bit of time at the end to get a few straight on posed images just in case they are ever needed for business or other reasons. I encourage each person who is involved with the photography session to take at least one pose like this so that we can make sure to have those included within the gallery.

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