Natural Newborn Photography

Twin Falls Newborn Photographer

Each time I’ve had a new baby, their details were so special to me, and because of that, I still remember them to this day. The differences in their faces from what was on the ultrasound, their adorable tiny toes, and fingers that could barely wrap around mine. I could stare at them for hours, and those first newborn photos were my most favorite because I knew that soon enough, none of those things would exist anymore.

As a Twin Falls newborn photographer and working with the philosophy that newborns are perfect just the way they are.. has shown me that I don’t need to use props, instead, I prefer the sweetness of a baby nestled in her father’s arms with a doting big brother smiling from ear to ear. I would love to document your baby just as they are. I believe that it is our job as people to protect the babies and because light posing is organic, that has been my favorite style of newborn photography.

Your baby is happiest and safest in your arms, but if you would like.. we can use baskets and buckets with soft textures to wrap your baby to take some portraits of them alone. I realize that these photos are special to you, to help you remember these special moments, but safety is and will always be my number one priority when working with babies.

Twin falls Newborn Photographer

What to expect

Motherly care during your session, being a Mom to so many children has taught me how to work with babies in a way that makes all of us smile. Most of the time, this comes down to documenting your baby just as they are. I will keep your baby safe and comfortable while creating classic images that will be beautiful to generations to come.

If you would like to incorporate something special into your session, please just let me know. I love to factor in the items that make you happy, and ultimately my goal is to provide your family with images that you fall in love with over and over again.


What I Offer

Family Members Welcome

Every newborn session I’ve ever taken has given us time to take photos of your baby alone, baby with their siblings and the entire family together. I also like to take photos of each parent with the new baby too! Family photos are so important and I feel the need to document this time in your lives, thoroughly.

Motherly Care

During our time together, I will ask you to move your baby and guide them into the position that is ideal for imagery. Soemtimes, I will help with this, but I would like for you and your baby to feel comfortable and safe, and over the years, I have found that this is the best method.

At Home Sessions

Following through with the idea of comfort and care for your baby, I believe that being at home is the safest place to take the photos of your little one. We can pick a spot in your home that you are comfortable with to use. If you have a special place or items that you would love to incorporate, please feel free!