The Perfect Example

A Perfect Example

I loved this photo session, the outcome was something I’d like to hang on the walls of my own home. We were off to somewhat of a rocky start due to a miscommunication pertaining to where we would be meeting, but overall I think things worked out beautifully!

This session is the perfect example of what it looks like to take photos moments before a storm hits. I woke up the morning of these sessions so filled with excitement, ready to meet new clients and take their pictures. It was sunny and warm and we had everything lining up perfectly. Upon arrival, I noticed some very dark clouds in the distance but quickly remembered that dark clouds often bring the best lighting situations. As you can see, that was the case here 🙂

Just minutes after finishing up these images, the winds came, and then the pouring rain but overall, I’m very glad that we didn’t cancel and that things worked out perfectly.

Perfectly Imperfect Images Created With the Help of; SIgma & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Sigma 35MM Art

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