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Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer! Please email me once you have downloaded your files.

The files within the link below are two sets of your images. One is a print worthy set, these can be printed anywhere. In addition, there is a set of watermarked images. These images are to be used for social media. Please note that in my terms and conditions I require all images uploaded to social media websites have a visible watermark (including Pinterest, your personal blog or any contests) When changing your profile photo on Facebook please do not crop out the watermark. You can press skip when it asks you to crop your photo and from there, you’ll edit the thumbnail.

Please use this link to download your session files

The images without the watermark are the only files that should be printed, the other web resolution files are smaller and will not print nearly as well as these full-size files. I recommend using mpix.com, they don’t require a print authorization but if you need one, it is located within this file. Please send me an email when you have downloaded your files. [email protected]

If someone asks who took your photos, please don’t quote them a price and instead, send them here to bespokephotographer.com. When you refer five clients to me and they book sessions, you’ll receive a free one for yourself!

Please consider writing a review about your photography session with me. As we all know, a photographer’s success is driven by word of mouth advertisements. To submit a review; please fill out the following form 🙂

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