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Rustic Elegance – A Southeastern Idaho Wedding


are a beautiful part of life, I am lucky to see my fair share each year and what strikes me as most amazing is how different each and every one is. This wedding took place on a gorgeous spring day, the sunshine was generous and the weather was warm. Here in Idaho, our sunny days are cherished especially this time of year when we do see a good amount of rain. Well into the planning stages, my couple decided to change up our plans and start our day on the BYU-Idaho campus. We took advantage of the shade provided by the willow trees to have what is called a “first look” this is where the bride and groom can pause to see one another before the ceremony. Having a first look means more time to just breathe and take a few moments to relish in this moment of glory, the moments before becoming husband and wife.

I feel as though a lot of times, most of the attention is directed toward the bride, not that it’s a bad thing but that’s just how weddings go. With this couple, I loved that it seemed to me (at least) that the bride wanted to be sure that her groom was included just as much in the festivities. Just after the reveal, she handed him his ring. Unbeknownst to me, this was the first time he had ever seen his ring. It was almost ceremonial in its own way, all of the attention was on her soon to be husband, beaming from ear to ear. He loved his ring, I feel as though she couldn’t have picked a more perfect band for him and that I could tell by the smile on his face. The rest of the evening was spent on a beautiful ceremony, cake in the face, dancing and laughter, I don’t think your day could have gone more perfectly to Mr & Mrs Fleming, I want to wish you both the best of luck,

thank you for choosing me to be your photographer.

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Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
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