I would love to work with you

 I have been a part of the photography community for many years, and sometimes with artists, there is a disconnect between people. My overall general outlook on photography is that all lives deserved to be documented in a way that helps to tell their story for future generations. I truly believe that I was put here to help tell the stories of our world. I love working with diversity, and cultures, their unique celebrations and documenting their way of life.

I love all people.


Our Story

Why work with me?

First and foremost, I am a mother – which has helped to soften me to all situations and lifestyles. I have 7 children, two of them are visually impaired due to a condition called Albinism. Long before they were born, my clients used the word “patient” in their reviews, but when my babies were born early, at just 32 weeks.. that really changed my life. Having children who have special needs is also a unique experience that has helped me to grow more accomodating with my clients, their children and their needs.

I am an extremely laid back person, I understand that sometimes things don’t quite work out the way that they had planned, and so improvising is a part of my work. I always try my hardest to change situations for the positive if within my power.

I was born in southern California, and so I grew up with all kinds of people. That is what is natural to me. I had a community of parents, grandparents and friends who helped me to believe that all people should be treated equally, I believe that because of that, I have found success within my business. 

Personal Life

My own wedding photographer lost all of our photos.

One of the situations that has helped me to grow in a big way, was when I got married. My husband and I had been together for 10 years before we finally were in a position to have a wedding. We did not have a fancy wedding, we actually eloped in a private garden in Phoenix, Arizona. The following evening, we had a dinner party for our closest friends and family. 

We hired a photographer with the intention of documenting this event. I felt confident in their abilities because of the sample imagery that I had seen. Nearly 8 weeks went by after our wedding, and on Christmas Eve, our photographer came to us with the news that our photos had been lost forever. Over the course of the 8 weeks, the company had tried to find a third party who could recover the images, but due to their mistake.. they did not back the images up properly making it so that we could never see or have those memories. 

My promise to my clients is to prevent situations like this from happening, I will always keep the images on the memory card until they are handed over to you, my client. Had this been done for me, I would have some kind of memories from the wedding that we had. 

I stepped away from wedding photography, to be sure that the bitterness from my heart had dissapated, and I took time to educate myself about image preservation because I owed that to my own clients. I now take pride in my business and my work, I now serve others with confidence in knowing that I won’t make the mistake that my photographer ultimately did.

9 Years in Business

I currently service about 7 sessions per week, with the exceptions of mini sessions (which are usually booked at 6  per day) and wedding season. I am still learning from each of my sessions, which is something that I enjoy most about being a photographic artist.

Experience with natural & artificial lighting

Phoenix, Arizona offers wide open skies, very little cloud cover and blunt sunshine 300 days per year. Northern Maine offers cloud cover & an over abundance of trees, those two scenes are much different, but both taught me how to work and adapt. I also am well skilled with flash.

I Shoot for Print

I learned early on that shooting for digital and shooting for physical prints are different, but you can always shoot for both. My settings and composition style gives you flexibility to post the images online and print them physically up to very large prints.


My client base is split 50/50 – some of my clients are first timers, and the rest are those who come to me regularly. The majority of my sessions involve children and I have learned that children feed off of our energy, and patience is key.


What I Offer

Flexible Scheduling

Open 7 days a week & available select holidays for family gatherings.

Motherly Care

Once a mother, always a mother – I exercising the skill of understanding and patience with each client.

100% Satisfaction Rate

I always do my best, and strive to go above and beyond for each of my clients.

High Quality Equipment

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV – a top notch camera for professional quality imagery.

An Award Winning Photographer

My work has been recognized in worldwide photography contests.

Generous Image Count

I edit all of the images that have good lighting, composition and emotion.


What People are Saying

Excellent with children

We have had family pictures with Ally three times including a puppy shoot. She is incredibly talented, personable and excellent with children! Her prices are very reasonable for the services she provides. We can’t wait to book our next session!

– Karley A


Ally is kind, personable and accommodating! She weathered snow and cold temps to capture the sweetest images of my daughter and her girlfriend. Grateful!

– Tina B

Fast Turnaround Time

Ally is great to work with, she is so personable. Fast turn around time to get pictures! Her photographs are stunning!!! The prices are great! The locations she finds are beautiful! We have used Ally twice and will not use anyone else to capture our family memories, she is a great asset!

– Miranda B

Would definitely recommend to a friend

Ally was wonderful to work with. I was anxious whether my daughter would cooperate because she’s very nervous around strangers, but Ally’s soft and quiet demeanor put my daughter right at ease and we were able to capture many amazing shots in a short time. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

– Kim T

Instantly comfortable to work with

We absolutely love, love, LOVE the beautiful magic that Ally creates! She is instantly comfortable to work with and has an amazing talent for coordinating the perfect setting and capturing just the right expressions.

– Zanna H

A true visual artist

Ally is absolutely amazing at what she does! A true visual artist. She has created so many masterpieces that fill our walls 

– Kari H

Freezin rain did not stop her

Ally was wonderful , kind and accommodating ! Freezing rain did not stop her and she managed to get gorgeous photos of my daughter and her boyfriend. Thanks again !

– Christine L

110% would recommend!

She was absolutely fabulous to work with and kept the flow of the shoot moving smoothly. She has an eye for the lighting and the background. 110% would recommend!

– Casey G