Maine Newborn Photographer

Focusing on the beauty of your baby, not things.

Natural Newborn Photography

Each time I’ve had a new baby, their details were so special to me and because of that, I still remember them to this day. The differences in their faces from what was on the ultrasound, their adorable tiny toes and fingers that could barely wrap around mine. I could stare at them for hours. I did this because I knew that soon enough, none of those things would exist anymore.

Working with the philosophy that newborns are perfect just the way they are and because of that, I don’t use props, I don’t force babies into unnatural posing styles either. I would love to document your baby just as they are. I believe that it is our job as humans to protect the babies and so light posing is all I’d like to do because cutesy posing styles is not what a baby is meant for.

Choosing me as a photographer means you’ll receive;

Motherly care during your session, being a Mom to so many children has taught me how to work with babies in a way that makes all of us smile. Most of the time, this comes down to documenting your baby just as they are. I will keep your baby safe and comfortable while creating classic images that will be beautiful to generations to come.

If you would like to incorporate something special into your session, please just let me know. I love to factor in the items that make you happy, and ultimately my goal is to provide your family with images that you fall in love with over and over again.

newborn collection information & pricing

Newborn collections begin at $275, each collection includes creativity, time, digital images, and a print release. A non-refundable retainer fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your spot on the calendar and so that I can begin planning. Please utilize the contact form to connect with me to get started today!

Which Collection is Best for You?

Outdoor Newborn Photography

During the spring and summer months, we can take our shoot outside! outdoor newborn photography sessions are a rare treat! These sessions are a lot of fun because babies are naturally calmer while outside. It’s a beautiful thing, to soak up the sun and be one with nature, the sounds, the smells and when you pair a new baby with all of that, we have really great results. These sessions tend to book up very quickly, so if you’re interested – don’t hesitate to get your session on the calendar.


Lifestyle Newborn Photography

A wonderful choice for families who love how they live. This newborn session style is usually done at home, but maybe you are passionate about the work that you do and you’d like to incorporate that as well? The options are endless with this session style! On the contact form, send me as much information about who you are and what your vision is, and we’ll create something amazing that tells the story of this chapter of your life.


Hospital Newborn Photography

Fresh 48 newborn photography sessions are a special option for parents who want to document the very first days of their baby’s life. The details that fade within the first days, the moment their existing children meet their new sibling, the bonding and of course, that new Mommy glow! Hospital sessions usually include photos of just the baby, the details of the hospital room and pictures of the new parents with their little one.