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Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer

It was my pleasure taking your photos! Please pay close attention to the details below;

  • Images should not be edited in any way, this includes but is not limited to; cropping, filters, or words
    • When using an image for your Facebook profile picture, please select “skip cropping” when available
  • Please credit “bespokephotographer.com” in the caption area when posting to social media
  • Refrain from quoting pricing to others inquiring about sessions with me, my pricing is subject to change at any time
  • Be sure to download your images right away, the images will only be available for download for the duration of 2 weeks
    • Once the images have been removed, a $25 fee is assessed to re-upload the images
  • Do not screenshot the images from google drive, use the menu to download the image to your device and then share them
  • TAG ME! My Instagram┬áhandle is @bespokephotographer – I love to see what others have to say about my work

Please consider leaving a tip if you loved your images, I will pay it forward to my own vendors, services, and servers!