Pictures for Preemies

A Program for Our World's Smallest People

Complimentary NICU photos for you and your family while your baby is still in the hospital.


Dear Parent of a Hero,

I know a little about what your heart has been through, how full your days are, how you miss your home and your family. I know what it’s like to wait by your phone, all hours of the night just in case something happens, trading your meal time for cuddle time with the baby that needs to stay in the hospital a bit longer. Going to the NICU and leaving is an unplanned block of time for all of us who were chosen to parent a hero. My twins were born at 32 weeks gestation, early – just like your baby(s). The moment I felt what it was like to have my heart sink was the moment I was told that our twins had to be delivered immediately. It’s scary, but we’re through it and I am happy to have gone through the journey that we did because it makes my twins just so much more precious to me. You will get there too, in the meantime – let’s document this journey.

Since you’re here, I’m assuming that you like pictures. I do too, and I want to extend my talent to you. It was very important that I documented the NICU milestones for my sons. I love knowing that I have these photos to show them for when they are older. I imagine myself pulling them out after a hard day, to show them that they can make it through anything even if the odds are stacked against them because they are Fighters.

I developed Pictures for Preemies to help the parents in my area. My goal is to provide documentary-style images that show what life was like for your little one. These sessions are complimentary.

Why free pictures? I have volunteered for several organizations, long before I was a parent to preemies. It wasn’t until I took on the role of mother to such special babies, that I realized just how important it was to document the NICU. Just before our sons were discharged, I had a photographer come to take pictures of me and my boys. The recommendation came from another preemie parent that I had donated a session to when her son came home from the NICU. I would love to be a part of your journey home, please use the email form below, to get in contact with me to schedule your session. Donations are always appreciated but are not required.


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