Mommy & Me: a Special Photoshoot for A Mama and her Sweet Boy!

Mommy & Me

These moments are special, the love between a mother and her child is unlike any other. Mom, she takes care of us, extends her love and puts down whatever she is doing to rush to our side to make life easier. Mothers are special and sometimes the job can feel thankless. These two are the epitome of love and friendship between mother and son. This is our second year in a row taking these photos and every time we do, they end up being just so perfect.

I remember doing a Mommy & Me session with my little ones when I had just two! I felt so connected to them, just allocating that 30 minutes of time to stop and really look deeply into their eyes, hold their little hands and kiss them tirelessly. It is one of my favorite photo sessions to date and I am so very glad that we did it!

This session style isn’t forced and for the most part, posing is very limited. I love focusing on genuine interactions and things that my clients will do in their everyday life. One of the things I enjoy most about Mommy & Me sessions is the fact that they are effortless. Every baby knows how to love their mother, they don’t always know how to pose and therefore this session type is very relaxed but the results are always so beautiful.

Images Created With the Help of; Sigma Photo & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Sigma Art 35MM

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