Jenna’s Celebration of Life


from her smile and her eyes, you knew before even speaking to her that she is a very sweet person with a big heart and a genuine soul. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenna through Instagram. She was a hairstylist here in town and before her, I had been making the trip back to Arizona to have my hair done. The first time I sat in Jenna’s Chair, I knew it was the beginning of something special. Jenna made me feel comfortable and always wanted to hear about the lives of others. She offered sound advice and had a relatable story if not, she would joke about the situation to make light of whatever was going on.

Jenna was the best of the best when it comes to people, I can’t remember a time where she said anything bad about another person. Everything she had to say was positive, even if her relationship with that person wasn’t perfect. We lost Jenna suddenly, I never saw this coming and had anticipated knowing Jenna through the milestones of life that she never got to achieve. I do think that Jenna felt very secure in what she did with her everyday life. I think she was always on top of her game and made sure that she did her best.

One of the best parts of knowing Jenna was how excited she was to transform a person’s look. To be there in the time of need of others and to give back when she could. It was always an amazing moment when you would turn around to see what Jenna did for your hair. She always added that element of surprise and she would turn you around so that you weren’t facing the mirror during your drying phase. Then, it was like a revealing moment, after you were styled, she would slowly turn you to the mirror and every time she did this, I would look at her face in the mirror first. Seeing the satisfaction and happiness in what she created was always such an amazing part of working with her.

In addition to being a client and friend of Jenna’s I also was blessed with the opportunity to take pictures of her last summer. Our goal was to create an online presence that was as warm and positive as Jenna’s in-person presence. We created a website, logo and took fun headshots. I have been told by a few people, that the images of Jenna that were taken, are images that showed her in a positive place in her life. She was doing well, and through all of this sadness – there is that small detail that makes me smile. I am so glad that I got to be there at that point of her life, with my camera. The photos that I took of Jenna, they’re pictures of the Jenna that I knew. How I saw her, a ray of sunshine, a smiling girl with so much promise. I am choosing to remember her in that way, I am choosing to take this unfortunate story, the ending of her life and turn it into something positive because that is what she would have wanted for everyone.

There were many inspiring moments

during the celebration of Jenna’s life, this one was kind of amazing. Recently, the salon where Jenna worked was struck by a separate devastating tragedy, one of the stylists Kindra, lost her son in a car accident. After his passing, there were rocks painted like baseballs, they included his name as well as his jersey number. The rocks were then placed around town, but also, other places around the world to show where the love for Cole had traveled to. Soon, after the balloons were released for Jenna one of Cole’s rocks was discovered in the grass. I am a big believer in nature and it’s power to heal and I think this was an astonishing moment for all of us who were there to hear this story and for those who were witnessing this story unfold. May both of you rest in peace you were loved dearly by those who entered your lives.

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