JB Turns 5! A Stylish Boy with a Contagious Smile and A Mighty Roar!


Is a stylish little boy, he’s always dressed his best and even wore and adorable bow tie for our Valentine’s Day Session! In this session, we documented his fifth year of life! 5 is a big year for little ones of this age. They’re really starting to figure out this life thing (or so they think haha!) Our session took place in Idaho Falls where we had access to water backgrounds, a bridge and a little bit of nature which really rounded out our session quite well. I love taking pictures of JB because he is an imaginative little boy, he showed me his mighty roar and he flashed his handsome smile every opportunity that he got!

As you will notice he is wearing two different outfits. Normally with mini sessions, we’re not able to do this but there is one big factor that played a role in being able to do an outfit change and it’s this: I met JB and his wonderful family last fall. Since we have done three sessions and because of that, I have become very familiar with JB and he has become familiar with me! He knows why he’s there and what my role is in his life and so he makes our session fun.

Perfectly Imperfect Images Created With the Help of; Lensbaby & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Lensbaby Spark

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