Jamie & Jax’ Winter Wonderland

A snowy fun session

January 5th, 2020

I met Jamie & Jax this past summer when we had our first session together in a beautiful field of sunflowers. Those sessions were heavenly! I feel so spoiled by all of the beauty that our world offers. I started out as a photographer in Arizona and I believe, that if you really look and have the eye for it, you can find beauty in just about anything. The desert of Arizona and the southwest offers beauty of its own, and you do need to look a little bit harder and hike a bit further to really find those sweet shot locations. 

Maine is full of gorgeous places, you can look in any direction, and find a picturesque background. I have been the most spoiled working here! We chose the Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge as our location because it offers well.. refuge from the elements.  

Jax has this way of lighting up a room, his beautiful eyes and smile are just some of his amazing traits. He also always makes me laugh. One night, his Mama sent me a message telling me that he asked her “When are we going to see The Sunflower Lady again?” That melted my heart. The sunflower lady, how precious! When we started this session, I greeted them at the car and he took one look around and said “Well, I wish it were summer but okay!” I had to laugh, he’s just too sweet.

Living in Maine has broken me out of my comfort zone for sure. Before I moved here, I had taken 1 winter photo session and one wedding where we had snow, wind and rain. But here, I find myself pushing my boundaries with most of my sessions and I’ve found that with a good attitude and flexibility, the elements help to tell the story.  

Session Weather Conditions:

27° | light snow | 13mph winds

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