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Idaho Falls Birth Photographer

Documenting Life's Biggest Moment

While the hospital may seem like an unlikely place to find beauty, it’s actually my favorite place to take photos. I love the raw and authentic nature of Idaho Falls Birth Stories and Fresh 48 sessions. These event and session types are of a documentary style which means, there will be limited posing (of course, we’ll bond and have fun but without the forced nature of the typical “sit, stay.. smile” photography approach.) We love to see families in the recovery room, this is a time for bonding and are the best moments for time to slow to a crawl where we can relish in the fact that we now have a new family member. A lot of our Fresh 48 clients will strategically line up their camera time with the moment their existing children will visit the hospital to capture their genuine emotions toward their new baby.

There is quite a difference between a Birth Story and a Fresh 48, a birth story is the complete tale of your baby’s first breath. From labor to delivery and baby’s details while nurses and doctors weigh, poke and prod. The Fresh 48 session takes place after your baby is born (Usually on the day of discharge for vaginal deliveries and on the second day for belly births.) Either of these sessions is a true form of art and do require your photographer Ally to be on call for your big day.

Session Types

I offer a variety of sessions that surround your birth experience to accommodate most budgets. As a Mother to twin preemies, I am proficient with hospital lighting and protocols when it comes to photography. The first thing you’ll need to do is to decide which session type you’re looking for. For the most part, Idaho Falls hospital photography is priced on a client by client basis as no two births are the same. Please e-mail me for pricing using the form at the bottom of this page.

Labor & Delivery

Birth Stories: From the ice chips to contractions, to baby’s first breath. Birth photography sessions are wonderful for the parents who want to look back and re-live one of the most beautiful days of their lives.

Fresh 48

A more affordable version of the Birth Stories session is the Fresh 48! Of all the photography session types, this is my favorite kind. This type of session is great for documenting the moment where your family meets their newest member.

I am also an Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer & more!