I Love Giving Back – A Beautiful NICU Graduate Photo Session!

Preemie Prints

Is an organization that arranges photography sessions for those with babies in the NICU or those who have graduated from the NICU. I chose this non-profit as my passion project because I love babies! All babies hold a special place in my heart and therefore I thought I was a great fit for this program! I happened upon this session by coincidence. Brit is a blogger like me and when she posted on her Instagram that she gave birth to her son a bit early, I suggested she look into Preemie Prints!

I ended up receiving the request for a NICU graduate Idaho Falls photography session. I was thrilled! I recognized the name and instantly contacted her to get the details of her shoot together. I was really excited to be working with this family and wasn’t about to let some distance get in the way!

Since I don’t own my own studio, I chose to rent a Gymnastics studio for our session which proved to be the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle-like shoot. On a rainy day in March, we had the entire place to ourselves. I typically only shoot with natural light. Though the location had fluorescent ceiling lights, I took a risk and turned them off completely. I felt that by doing this, I had more depth with lighting which required some additional work to create these photos.

With the help of an adorable big sister, patient parents and a darling little boy, I think we ended up with some really great photos that this family will cherish for years to come!

Images Created With the Help of;Sigma & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Sigma Art 35MM 1.4

I’m a small town Idaho photographer with big ideas and lots of creativity. I would love nothing more than to document the milestones of your family. Whether it’s something as small as losing a tooth or as big as some new baby news, please send me a message with your ideas & thoughts.


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