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Idaho Falls Maternity & Fresh 48 Photographer Session Information

Idaho Falls Photographer

Hi! I am a mother to seven, five kids plus twins! I specialize in patience and smile making during most of my day, but when I am called for a photo session, my favorites are; Maternity & Fresh 48 Sessions! I specialize in faces, real-life life photography. My goal is to document the milestones and celebrations of your life. My pricing includes a print authorization which you can use to make photo gifts and images both big and small. The world is our canvas, together we can come up with a plan to make that vision come true.

My scope of session styles is not limited to what you see here, if you’d like to request sample images from previous sessions that mimic what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am based in Ammon, Idaho but am available for travel! I service local hospitals including; Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital, Portneuf Medical Center and Madison Memorial Hospital.

We Believe That Images are What Tell the Story

Maternity Photography

Our portraits have been recognized in worldwide photography contests, placing at the top of categories against over 300,000 images. When booking one of our Idaho Falls maternity photography sessions, you'll receive both traditional portrait styles with posing, looking straight into the camera as well as documentary style and candid photos. We are lovers of details, so you'll also receive images of the details of your life no matter how small. While we offer print services and prefer that you use our professional lab services, we do include the print rights for all sessions because we feel as though you deserve to print where you would like when you'd like.  

Birth + Hospital Photography

This is my favorite session type by far, there is nothing more joyful than a family coming together to welcome a new life. We have spent a great deal of time at the hospital welcoming five little ones of our own, and because of that are able to find the beauty in the details of baby's first home. Fresh 48 sessions take place at a local hospital or birth center. For our Arizona Hospital Photography Sessions, we service; All hospitals in the Phoenix & Tucson Metro Areas. Being a Phoenix hospital photographer means to be somewhat on call as Fresh 48 sessions typically take place within the first 48 hours of baby's birth just before you and your family are sent home with your bundle of joy.

Organic Newborn + Childhood Photography

We like to take the organic approach to Phoenix newborn photography. We use a limited number of props and tend to really focus on baby's natural details as well as the love between family members. Newborn sessions can take place at an outdoor location of your choice when the weather is permitting, indoor at your home or at a rented studio location (for an additional charge) Our newborn sessions include photos of just baby, baby and siblings as well as pictures of the entire family together, all under one session fee. Extended family members such as Grandma & Grandpa are strongly encouraged to participate as well!

How the Process Works..





Planning your session is easy, we’ll mostly talk via email before planning begins, we will ask for a retainer to be paid. The amount is 25% of your session fee. Sessions typically take between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the session type. We’ll process your photos and in 2 weeks, you’ll receive a link to access and download your images! Next day service is also available for a flat fee.

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