Welcome to my life. My name is Alexandra and I love to take pictures… of everything. As a girl, I never left home without a throwaway camera. My friends and I would document everything we did. Today, those photos are hidden away in a time capsule. They tell the stories of many summers, the tales of friendship, and the typical ups and downs of teenage girls.

I can be described as a person with a wild spirit. I am known to love adventure and to hold onto the memories that would otherwise be forgotten, if not for photos. When being hired for a photography session, my main priority is to document the realistic interactions beyond the standard sit, stay smile posed images. My passion and photography style is real life. I like to be there for the milestones to create the photos to the storybook of your life. I know that for some, they feel as though posing is the only way to achieve the images they like however, I will provide tools, guidance and a relaxing environment to help us achieve images that show who you really are. Sometimes during the session, I will focus on details like hands, eyes or smiles in what may seem like to you, a strange crop. These images go great in albums, on collage walls and around the home in various places. I like to think of them as the coffee beans in between testing perfume samples at the mall.

It is my hope that you will receive images that have a great deal of sentimental value, images that will be printed and passed down for generations. I am trained in many forms of photography as well as editing styles. Later, you’ll see handfuls of images, each with a different style. I like to be sure that each client receives a truly bespoke experience and isn’t receiving the same images as clients before or after them (unless requested.)

Throughout this website, you’ll see images and sessions that have been completed in the past. My work reaches clients in several states within the US so some of the backgrounds shown will be in various locations. We can almost always find something similar here in Idaho Falls. If there is a session style you haven’t seen on my website yet – please ask for samples of the type of session that you are looking to have done. I would be more than happy to show you more of my experience.

I am a very easy going person in business, I like to make photos fun. I know most of the time, taking photos is fun for some parts of the group and the other parts of the group are ready to head home before they even woke up this morning. I try my best to refrain from pushing people too hard and thankfully I’m good at capturing expressions and natural interactions. Of course, if you ask nicely, I’ll pose you but i won’t let you go home without at least a few candid images.

Working with me is easy from start to finish. I don’t like to leave out any information, I don’t like to be caught off guard and therefore I like to supply you with the necessary tools and info to have a great session. When booking a session with me, I require a retainer to be put down in order to hold the date of your choosing on my calendar. This benefits both you, and me. At the time the retainer is requested, you’ll also receive an agreement that just goes over what type of session we’re doing, the date, location and what is included in your session. There are also some legal disclosures that I am required to give to you in order to be sure that we are on the same page.

Once all of the boring stuff like money and agreements are out of the way, we’ll talk about what your requests are for your session. It is very helpful if you gather inspiration images (don’t worry, I am not offended if you show me images that are not by me.) (although, it does make my heart smile just a little bit!) As your Idaho Falls Photographer, I know the area quite well and can find locations ranging from urban cityscapes to lush green meadows equipped with a sweet little running creek. No matter what you’re looking for, we can make it happen.

Each of my sessions comes with a print authorization. I do this instead of selling prints because I want to be sure that later down the line (heaven forbid) anything happen to me, that you have access to your images to print and use how you’d like.