Happy Birthday Twinners!

Our twins turn 2 years old.

I am pretty terrible about finding the time to blog sessions & events, but – New Year, new me right? We’ll see.

Having twins has been exciting from the very beginning. No one ever talked down to me about it in person, but the internet was on fire with all the negativity that comes along with having two babies at once. Of course, I was really scared.. I had 5 children and so to add TWO more? That. Is. Crazy.

I remember the days before our first ultrasound, I told Ryan “I think this is twins, I just feel very full” when we went in for that initial ultrasound, the technician was talking as though there was only one baby. At the end, I asked if she was sure there was only one. She told me she’d take another look around and before she could finish her sentence, she had found the second baby.

The twins brought on a lot of firsts for me,  I hadn’t had twins before. Our son had a vanishing twin but we didn’t know about it until after. This was my first c-section, and they are my only two albino children (something that occurs in one in four families who have two parents with the gene for it.)

I wouldn’t change my role as their mother for the world. We were meant for each other and I am proud to watch them grow up every day. I often see parents becoming sad over their children growing up so fast, but because we spent time in the NICU, not knowing what would happen due to Argon’s heart condition, I am so happy to see them grow each and every day.

See the pictures below!

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  1. Tracie Gilbert

    So very sweet. I think everyone would love having a take out video.


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