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Family & Lifestyle Photography

Outside, inside – at home, wherever.

Around here, family is everything.

Here is where we document the connections that you guys have as a family. I love all family types, and would love to take your photos! My family sessions typically include; group photos of the family together, photos of the children of the family, pictures of the happy couple (or head shot for single parents) and then individual photos of each child. Pets are always welcome to every shoot, so if you have a fur baby, please bring them along too!


Outside photo shoots are really fun, because I use the world as my canvas. This is a time for exploration and allowing the world to come to us in a way that displays natural beauty. Outdoor locations are carefully planned based off of how many are in your family, I have experience with families of 2 – 62 faces in total!


With comfort in mind, this session style takes place in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to have a Pinterest-worthy bedroom setup, the goal here is to document your life as it is. Often times we use the parent’s bedroom as the main set for these organic photos. Lifestyle sessions can include the entire family!

Extended Family

Getting the cousins, aunties, uncles Grandma & Grandpa together is no easy task, don’t forget to hire a photographer for these super important images. You never know when or if ever, you’ll all be in the same place at the same time again. I have experience with large, extended families and actually love doing shoots for them!

Session Pricing & Information Inquiries

My collections are as unique as you are, each shoot is priced based off of length in time, number of people in the images and complexity. Please use the form below to send me a detailed message about what your needs are and what you expect from me. This way, we can chat and decide if we are a good fit, creatively.

40+ editeD IMAGES

A standard sized session usually lasting about 1 hour in duration. 

Great for; lifestyle newborn, fresh 48, family, maternity, childhood milestone & many other shoot types. With this option, we will have time for one outfit change.

retainer due at booking

60+ edited images

A longer session usually lasting about 1 & a half hours in duration. 

Great for; At home newborn, outdoor newborn, maternity, family & many other shoot types. With this option, we will have time for multiple locations and outfit changes.

retainer due at booking

20+ edited images

A mini session usually lasting about 30 minutes in duration

Great for: fresh 48 (without family) maternity (just the expectant mother, small family & many other shoot types.

Retainer Due at Booking

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