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January 25th, 2020

I love eyes, they are my favorite part of a person. I mostly focus on the eyes when I take photos, but taking macro shots of people’s peepers is something that I find very interesting. The first time I took a photo of an eye was in 2016 when I opened my first set of extension tubes. I had my oldest daughter sit near the window and just look into the camera.

Eventually, that photo placed 30th in contest for the personal work category which had more than 11,000 entries. Each entry was unique and the category was basically for the images that didn’t fit into the rest of the categories in the Shoot & Share contest. This to me was pretty cool.

Every now and again, I’ll take a really neat photo that I fall in love with, and almost every time, it is a picture of eyes.

Today at our house, we learned about eyes and why the twins’ eyes are different from ours. Each of the children’s eyes are shown below and as you can see, each person has a different eye color than their sibling. Some of them, you can see the lack of pigment showing a yellow tint in the center of their blue eyes. This is a physical marker for the albinism gene mutation. Something that isn’t a well known marker in the world of eyes.

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