Emmeline Loses her First Tooth

Growing up

January 12th, 2020

I don’t know many people that have lost a tooth eating soup, but that is exactly how this little girl lost her very first tooth! We were all pretty surprised because our son Nolan is a year older than Emmeline, and he hasn’t lost any of his yet!

Losing a tooth is the weirdest thing, first, you have the worry of when it will finally let go and fall out, will they swallow it? Is it going to hurt? Just how will this happen for them? Each of my teeth has a story and the most memorable has to be the one where my brother knocked it out and my Grandpa yelled at him like it was a big deal haha. Mine was already loose and I was relieved to have it finally detach.

But then, you have that period of time where there is just a gap in your teeth which is super awkward and so very gross if you ask me! Either way, this little one was excited to finally have tooth fairy money of her own.

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