Dressed in Smiles & Laughter

What you wear..

is an important part of having really great family photos. It’s almost as important as who you choose to take your photos! Most of my clients take note and make sure ahead of time that their outfits are perfect for the setting. I hadn’t met this family before and because this was a mini session, there was limited conversation time prior to their session.

When they arrived, like with all clients – I scanned their outfits and was so delighted by the fact that everyone was dressed perfectly. They look comfortable but also, presentable. I loved that they matched but chose to have patterns that weren’t necessarily all the same. Given this Idaho Falls location, I think they chose the perfect outfits for the setting, they aren’t over or under dressed and I think that is what helped to make this mini session so beautiful!

In addition to the perfect clothing choices, this family also brought their favorite accessory, SMILES! Photo shoots are a ton of fun but as we all know, with small children they can be quite disastrous, I feel like, on this day, I could have taken photos for another hour and everyone would have smiled the whole way through, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer!

Perfectly Imperfect Images Created With the Help of; SIgma & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Sigma 35MM Art

I'm a small town Maine photographer with big ideas and lots of creativity. I would love nothing more than to document the milestones of your family. Whether it's something as small as losing a tooth or as big as some new baby news, please send me a message with your ideas & thoughts.


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