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Proudly serving Burley and The Magic Valley

Located in Burley, servicing; Twin Falls, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Northern Nevada, Northern Utah & More.
Travel fees apply 40+ miles from zip code 83318



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Do you deliver every image taken?

Some packages come with a few photos, some come with a lot. I narrow down the images by eliminating images that are duplicated, out of focus, have poor composition or bad lighting to deliver a gallery that I am proud of, that I know you will love. 

What if the weather is not cooperating?

I almost always am able to foresee bad weather conditions using multiple radars. There are some conditions that I prefer not to shoot in and if the session can be rescheduled, I request that. If we are doing event photography or working with out-of-state clients or any other session type that cannot be rescheduled, I look for a location that might work better for us (even if it is different from what we normally planned for.) I ask that when we are making a judgement call on whether or not to shoot, we consider multiple factors such as potential equipment damage or danger.

How do I pay for my session?

A portion of your session fee is due at the time of booking via a square invoice. The remaining balance is due at the time of your session in cash or credit card. I don't accept checks.

What if we go over on time?

I typically use my time-management skills to keep our session moving. But if in the event we need more time, I will ask if you're confident with what we have, or if we should add more time.

I don't see samples of my session type here, can you send me some?

Absolutely! I have taken thousands of clients, so to narrow down the images to showcase is a very big task. But if you don't see your session here, please ask!

How and when should I expect the images to be delivered?

Depending upon your package type, your images will be delivered via a USB drive or an online gallery. My turnaround time is 2 weeks, but I also offer expedited editing services for 48 hour delivery.

Can we change outfits?

This is totally up to you! If you think you may want a second outfit, consider booking more time and please let me know in advance so that I can make sure to factor that into the location that we choose. I want to be sure there is a place for you to change if necessary.

What if my child is not cooperating?

Take a step back, and breathe. Don't focus on the time, don't focus on anything other than helping your child to feel better about taking pictures. I never want to force anyone to smile and I certainly don't want to make photos something that is anything less than exciting and fun. I prefer to document your child as they are and who they decided to be on the day of the session. 

Do I have to leave gratuity?

Gratuity is something that you can choose to leave or not leave. I like to pay it forward using the tips that are paid to me for others that work in the service industry (waitresses, hairstylists, drivers etc) I also volunteer for multiple organizations and tips help to pay for my expenses for the travel and time for those sessions.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely, in fact - I encourage pets to be in the photos because I feel that it takes the pressure off.

Where can I print the images?

You can print your images wherever you'd like! I personally use professional labs like mpix.com. Their fast turnaround time and top-notch customer service always brings me back.

What is the print release for?

Legally, you will need a letter to print the images, so I send that along with your gallery. Forgot yours at home? If you need to obtain one quickly, you can do so here.

What if a person in our party does not speak English?

I have lived in many regions of America including the southwest, where many of my clients spoke Spanish and the northeast where many of my clients spoke French. This has never posed an issue or negatively impacted a photoshoot. Advance notice at the time of your session will help me to be accommodating or ask for help if I need it.

Do you offer all types of photography?

The short answer would be yes! I like to think that I have serviced just about every session type out there. But every once in a while, something new comes along.. and I love that!

We are traveling a great distance for our session, what is the best way to plan this?

A good percentage of my clients are from other states and sometimes other countries. I always suggest selecting the earliest possible date for pictures, this way if the weather is uncooperative, or someone becomes sick, we can utilize another date during your stay.

Do you offer bundled discounts on multiple bookings at once?

Yes, please let me know what types of sessions you're looking to bundle and we can work out a deal!

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Gifting a photoshoot is a  meaningful gift for parents, graduates, baby showers, Christmas, anniversaries and more. You will pay for the entire session at the time of purchase. From there, I will mail or hand-deliver the gift card and receipt to you which you will then be able to gift to the lucky recipient.

Can I get a refund?

Words I've never heard before. I haven't had a client who didn't feel as though my time wasn't valuable and so there really is no clear answer to this because I prefer not to send refunds. Instead, I would prefer to rectify the situation and the issue any way possible so that we can maintain a great relationship for future shoots and business opportunities.

What kind of gear do you use?

I am a Canon photographer. My grandfather was a Canon man himself, and so when he passed away, I inherited his film camera and some lenses. This got me started and I carry his nifty fifty with me for good luck!