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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my dog come too?

Absolutely, 100% YES!! I have major puppy fever right now, so all dogs and pets are welcome!

How many people are allowed in a shoot?

My shoots go based off of time, so if you’d like to pack in 60 people to a 30-minute session, you can – however you should expect a lower number of images and poses haha.

Do you do home sessions?

Yes! These are some of my favorite shoots because I feel as though families are most relaxed at home!

Why do I need to pay a retainer?

I like to secure a retainer up front so that you and I are in agreeance that we are going to be working together to take photos. When I have a date scheduled or a session on the calendar (for babies, we obviously can’t pick a date) I like to let my nanny know, that I am going to need her for a set number of hours that month. Having a paid retainer also lets me know that I can go ahead and begin planning your shoot!