An Adventure Seeking Boy, His Picture Perfect Sister

The Little Days

Last only a short amount of time, we’re supposed to cherish these days and keep them in our memories. One thing I don’t get very often is a laid back parent that just wants to have memories of their children, being children. For me, this is the perfect client. I’ll give a little bit of direction and the parent will laugh and smile with their children. This session was a DREAM, to me at least. I actually met the Mama to these adorable babies on Instagram! She had been familiar with my work previously because another client of mine had shown her the images that were taken at their session. I felt like I knew this client because of the fact that I followed her daily life. I took note of the things she documented and how she edited the photos on her Instagram feed. That made me understand what kind of images she would like to have and I think overall, she is going to LOVE these photos!

The day was very chilly but I think it played into the cute bunny hat with little pink noses quite well. During our session, I met a little boy with a courageous heart and a need to find an adventure. Throughout the session, I used very little posing techniques and really just focused on the children, doing what they wanted to do. At the end of our session, my new friend decided he would attempt to look through my lens to see if he could see me (or maybe he wanted to know what the camera was doing.) He put his face all the way into the lens which made for a perfectly imperfect photo!

In total, we ended up with over 100 images from this beautiful session, I loved that we were able to get so many and that I was able to really take photos of children being.. well, children!

Perfectly Imperfect Images Created With the Help of; SIgma & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Sigma 35MM Art

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