A Lifestyle Newborn Session – Two Parents Beaming with Love


Is an amazing thing, we meet people every day and you never really know when one of those people will turn out to be the love of your life. During this session, I got to know this little family. Mom & Dad told me that they met back in kindergarten. They had been friends for years but it wasn’t until after college that they clicked on this level. What I loved most about this session is that despite having a new baby, their life in a completely different setting and probably dealing with sleep deprivation, they remained true to the dedication to one another and displayed that throughout their session by holding hands and remaining close. Having a newborn is tough but this lovely couple acted as though they had been parents for years, they really had it together and that was really wonderful to see.

For this lifestyle newborn session, we focused on the natural love and beauty within this family. I adored that they provided an extremely important piece of the father’s life. His lovey from when he was a child. I haven’t had a parent bring one of these before but it was the missing piece, the personalized touch that I feel, really made the session even more sentimental.

We used natural light in a setting with white walls and simple wood flooring. I feel as though this is the ideal scenery for lifestyle sessions to take place in if there isn’t a home set up that is immediately available to us. I wanted to be sure that what we were focusing on in these images were these sweet people and their brand new baby.

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer, it was my pleasure.

Images Created With the Help of; Lensbaby , Sigma & Canon
Body : Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens : Lensbaby Spark & Sigma Art 35MM

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