A Baby, a Missing Tooth, and the Uncertainty of Growing Up.


is an energetic five-year-old with a contagious smile. One day her tooth began to wiggle! She turned to her big sister for advice and to learn more about what could be happening to her teeth. Her big sister reassured her that losing teeth was a good thing, a GREAT thing in fact. Once the preliminary questions were out of the way, Addy with big sister in tow came bursting down the hall with excitement. It was time to announce to the family that a tooth was soon to be lost.

Leading up to the loss of Addy’s tooth, there were more questions than ever! Does this mean I’m growing up? What happens when my tooth falls out? What if I swallow my tooth? She also had a vision of what her tooth fairy looked like, she said “I bet she’s very pretty” she said. For a few hours, there were no questions but I could tell that losing her tooth was steadily on her mind.

Finally, her tooth came out.. and the questions began once again. “Is Christmas coming?” “What about my birthday?” “They’re probably coming since my tooth just came out.” I don’t remember losing my first tooth, or any tooth really, (vaguely the one where my brother hit me in the face and my grandfather.. well, he was mad.) I can tell with Addy, she was curious and a part of her was a little scared.

Her first day without a tooth was interesting, she wanted to know if losing a tooth meant she wasn’t a baby anymore. If she was now considered a big girl. “To the world, you might be a big girl but to me, you’ll always be my baby.” I said.

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