Real Estate

Hiring a Real Estate photographer in Idaho Falls is a clever way to stay ahead of the competition and also, to wow your customer. Not only do professional photos help to sell your homes faster, but statistics show that homes being showcased with professional imagery sell for much higher amounts, sometimes even beyond the asking price. As an Idaho Falls Real Estate photographer, my job is to capture the natural beauty of the architecture in front of us. We strive to document the home or building’s features, playing on the natural light that is offered and focusing on the big selling points. Sessions can be booked at any time of the day, twilight photos will need to be at a specific time.


Weddings are a magical part of life, and choosing your photographer is one of the most important things to do when planning your big day. Though highschool sweethearts we recently got married. Unfortunately, our photographer lost all of our pictures. That experience taught us  to be the best Idaho Falls wedding photographer. We put our entire hearts into weddings, but on top of that, we have researched file handling, safety, and recovery of lost images if the need should ever arise. Our overall style for weddings is classic and timeless. We want your images to be loved and cherished for generations to come.


Alongside our wedding photography work, my portraits have been recognized in worldwide photography contests, placing at the top of categories against over 300,000 images. When booking one of our portrait sessions, you’ll receive both traditional portrait styles with posing and looking straight into the camera as well as documentary style and candid photos. We are lovers of details, so you’ll also receive images of the details of your life. We include the print rights for all of my sessions because I feel as though my clients deserve to print where they would like when they would like. We don’t want to hold your images hostage.

About Your Idaho Falls Photographer

Hello! Thank you for visiting! We are a set of Idaho Falls Photographers specializing in faces, people, and real life photography. Our goal is to document the milestones and celebrations of your life. The pricing includes a print authorization which you can use to make photo gifts and images both big and small. The world is our canvas and I love to take photos both indoor and outdoors if you have a specific idea in mind for any kind of session, together we can come up with a plan to make that vision come true.

My scope of session styles is not limited to what you see here, if you’d like to request sample images from previous sessions that mimic what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask. I am based in Rigby, Idaho, however, being from Southern California and spending 10 years in Phoenix, Arizona, we are always up for a trip. Please inquire about photography sessions in your area, we would love to come to you!