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A Presque Isle Maine Photographer

Celebrating love and connections with an organic approach to photography, using a play on light, & a focus on authentic interactions. Ally is a natural light newborn photographer documenting Maternity, Fresh 48 & newborns in a lifestyle setting.


Hi, I'm Ally

Wife | Mother | Artist

I believe in being yourself, loving who you are, and writing a story that makes an impression on generations to come. My role in your life as a photographer is to tell that story accurately and to be true.

Here is a little bit about me, but feel free to take a look around and see my work! Please screenshot or take note of any images that particularly stand out to you, as inspiration for your shoot. 

I recently moved to Northern Maine from the west coast where I am from California but lived in Idaho, Washington and Arizona. I am a long way from home but photography is something that has made me feel like I'm home, no matter where I am. Creatively, I have been a photographer for 7 years and it is something that I truly love doing. I thrive in situations where I am documenting a connection, whether it is a mother and her children, an engaged couple, or a pair of people that have spent their life together. I love sessions that are emotive and surround documenting the life we've lived, the deeper meaning behind photos and why we take them.

My own personal life is full of struggles and love, I am the mother to 7 small children ranging in age from 1 year old identical twins up to 11 years old. This has been my biggest achievement.

Most of my clients from my first year are still with me today, and the amazing thing about that is, I have been able to watch them grow their families. It is my hope that all of my clients continue to grow and call me for their biggest milestones. That is something that comes from dedication, great customer service and delivering as promised.

My mission as your Northern Maine photographer is to deliver images that evoke emotion, every time you look at them. My personal goal is to preserve the memory of you by documenting who you are as a person and the connections you've made within your life. I want to do that for you, because I love life and I think we should preserve the happy memories.

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At Grandma & Grandpa’s – by a Caribou Maine photographer.

At Grandma & Grandpa's A backyard family photo shoot by a Caribou Maine Photographer. Spring has arrived in Maine! I could not be more excited about this session, from start to finish I adored this family and their happy, smiling faces! Everyone here was so nice...

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